Monday, December 5, 2011

Rodan & Fields Product Review and Contest Rules!!!

Good Evening everyone!!!
So first off I want to thank Lisa the consultant who has been so amazing helpful. She has given me the opportunity to bring such a great product line to you that I am beyond grateful for all her help! I am so unbelievably excited for this video I can hardly contain myself!! It took me hours to find the right words for this and I still feel like I cant express how much I LOVE this stuff!!

So like I said in the video I get asked all the time....


So I went on a search for a company that was well known and highly reputable.....someone that I know was trusted and would do what it said it was going to do and believe me that was HHAARRDD work! I must have put in hours upon hours looking for not just a great product but someone that had something for everybody! and after a long time I found it! Rodan & Fields also more commonly know for their line called Proactiv the number one selling skin care line in America. So right away I knew I found something great now the only problem with Proactiv is that it treats just one issue and that's acne and breakouts that is it so when I found out that the had a whole different world of products out I was immediately drawn to it.
If you read my post below I briefly wrote about the different lines of skin care they had and a few thoughts on the company so go check that out!

Now once I got a chance to physically try the products myself I was beyond impressed (and believe me that's not easy to do because I am pppiicckkkyyy!) First off the packaging was such a great quality I felt like it kept the product fresh and didn't seem like after time would end up getting broken. And the products themselves are not only great but in my opinion very unique. The face wash wasn't just a face wash it was a micro crystal exfoliator that was also a mask and left your skin with the best clean feeling you could imagine. Then the toner was not your average toner at all it had a smell very similar to the face wash and was not at all drying, there was no burning, and best of all it minimizes your pores and believe me it really did!! Then you have the AM and PM cream the AM had a SPF of 30 and photographed beautifully there was no whiteness like you get with sunscreen and it had a very mild scent. It was such a rich luxurious feeling. The PM cream just melts into your skin and kept it feeling hydrated and worked over night to stimulate collagen production and both helped into reducing the appearance of wrinkles! And whats great is that you can buy it separate or buy it in a kit form and if you are a little weary of the price tag. If you want to break it down it comes out around 80 cents a day for all four products with 2 months worth of product. If there is one item everyone should splurge on its skin care because you can spend all the money in the world on makeup but it is nothing without great skin!!! Now for the Contest rules!!!

You Must be a subscriber on my youtube page
you must follow both her and I on twitter linked in the info bar of the video
you must follow/ Like Lisas facebook fan page
To enter the contest you must take the solutions tools test linked below the video and comment to me  ON THE VIDEO ONLY what it was that was recommended for you it only takes a moment
Lastly the 1st subscriber that orders the PC - Anti-Age AMP IT UP Special ($300), will receive a FREE Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream ($53) and All subscribers that order any regimen and become Preferred Customers (PC Perks) by January 31, 2012 will be reimbursed their one-time membership fee ($14.95) from her! this makes a great thing to add to your Christmas wish list!!!

check out the site and get it while you can this stuff is amazing and is only sold online!!! I'm telling you its well worth it!!!  and remember you can mix and match products if you wish to get the results your looking for!!