Friday, November 4, 2011

OK so for all you who film videos and vlogs you all know it can be frustrating....well this tutorial what the epitome of that statement.....i must have filmed at least 7 times only to have my computer back to my bathroom I went flustered and re-shot it! I must say it turned out well I was wanting to do a voice over but I cant seemed to figure it out on my computer.......but I digress

 This tutorial is on Spencer's Character
I have been told I look like her
....personally I dont see it but....
  heres the photo

I didn't apply the lashes because I could not get mine to work tonight .....they didn't want to stay on right instead of crazy lashes i thought I would just tell you what type to use
    try to look for ones where the out side edge is longer then the inside like hers

anyway for the tutorial go to my YouTube page linked above and have fun
  stay gorgeous!
it was super simplt BTW so i didnt go into deatail but i was up wutil 3 am sooooo forgive me!

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  1. I've really been loving your videos and I'm glad to see you blogging too!